Airsmith Co., Ltd. is based in Taichung City Taiwan, who produces metallic components for bicycles, and has become global best manufacturer for many years. We have produced numerous of exquisite products, and be proud of our quality.  We are professional to manufacture bicycle mini pumps, floor pumps, CO2 inflators, tools, and bicycle components.  Whatever your needs, you always find the most suitable products in Airsmith shop.
All products we provide, such as our portable mini-pumps and volley tools, can barely be found in other shop. We have extraordinary creative in bike field; that’s why we are special.
Airsmith has two targets, to manufacture bicycle components, and makes tools more easily-portable and better-functional as well. These are the critical points Airsmith keeps doing in these years.  There are many manufacturers; however, Airsmith could give you the best choice with quality.